An Experience for Everyone

The design of Vesterheim Commons was driven by programming that inspires community engagement and emphasizes an inclusive and accessible cultural gathering space where everyone can enjoy Vesterheim. From the moment visitors arrive, they will be greeted with easy navigation and accessibility.

ADA parking spaces are available near the front door. The curb extension on Water Street provides easy access to the front door.

Wide doorways and open floor plans have been thoughtfully included in the entire building design. Door operators are provided at all entrances, and elevator access is available to all floors.

The elevator itself exceeds ADA requirements to allow for more than one wheelchair and is equipped with two doors for easier entering and exiting.

Public spaces and corridors are more gracious to allow for wheelchairs to travel side by side and to facilitate space for sign language.

A handicapped accessible restroom (66 sq ft) is on the ground floor, located next to the entrance from Heritage Park to allow access for museum and park visitors alike.

The plaza and pathway to the museum from Heritage Park are a smooth surface with a clear delineation between the site paths and the surrounding landscape.

Other features that consider the visually impaired and people with neurocognitive disabilities include contrasting floor and wall color and design; floor sheen at an appropriate level to reduce reflectivity from light fixtures; contrasting lavatory counters and floors; roller shades to reduce glare; dimmable lighting; and soft and natural finishes and materials.